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►Januar 2023: The opening of the path between La Trapa and Ses Basses (GR 221) is possible due to the Public Paths Law


►December 2022: New signposted section of the GR221 between Puigpunyent and Estellencs


►December 2022: New signposted section of the GR221 between La Trapa and ses Basses


►November 2022: The mountain hut refugi de Galatzó is open


The GR 221 between Banyalbufar and Estellencs has been reopened: After being closed for 15 years, a court ruling allows the opening of the GR and also of two other paths. A new path connecting Camí des Correu to S'Arbossar track has been also cleared and signposted.

→ 1- Path between Banyalbufar and Es Rafal (GR) and further to Estellencs

→ 2- Path to S'Arbossar in the direction of Camí des Correu

→ 3- The old path between Es Rafal and Planícia.



- View from the GR 221 (Finca Es Rafal)-

- Sign near Es Rafal-

- Direct path Es Rafal- Planícia-


- Path connecting Camí des Correu and S'Arbossar track-



NEWS 2001-20016

Problems on the path GR 221 from Estellencs to Banyalbufar

In 2001 a couple of no entry signs appeared  in the Finca Es  Rafal , on the trail from Banyalbufar to Estellencs, which is also signposted as long distance trail GR 221. Until the courts made the final decision, the trail was open. You could open the gate and walk past the manor house of Es Rafal. At the end of 2006 the courts decided that the owners could close the trail. On January 2007 the gates were still open and we talked to the friendly owner about the new situation. On february the gates were already closed.

We have also talked to the "Departament de Medi Ambient" of the "Consell Insular" responsible for the long distance trail GR 221. They are looking for an alternative and working with the municipality of Banyalbufar. At the end of 2007, the government has put a couple of information boards warning about the closure (in Banyalbufar and Estellencs). It could last a while and the hikers should use the main road Ma-10.



2015- GR 222: Signposted section between Coll des Racó and Cala Torta

- The GR runs along the right side of the valley of Sa Duaia-

- Cala Torta-



February 2013: The alternative section F of the GR 221 from Cúber Stausee to the mountain hut Tossals Verds (pas Llis) has been signposted

- Start of the path between Font des Noguer and Cúber reservoir


Summer 2013: Some stages along the GR 222 between Colònia de Sant Pere, Can Picafort and Son Serra has been signposted

- Sign between Club Naútic de la Colònia de Sant Pere and S'Estanyol with the beautiful Bec de Ferrutx


- The GR near S'Estanyol


Summer 2011: New alternative section (B) of GR 221 between Es Capdellà and Estellencs

With this section, it is possible to walk from Es Capdellà to Pollença without problems. The section between Coll de sa Basseta (near Esporles) and Deià is not yet signposted. There are some problems in 'Es Rafal where you should take either the road other the new path between Estellencs and Banyalbufar (for more information, read another new below)

The path crosses the public estate of Galatzó and goes by the future hut of sa Coma d'en Vidal.


-Path from Es Capdellà to the Galatzó estate -


-Galatzó estate with the watermills-



- Hut for the people who were making charcoal and prehistoric site of Ses Sínies-


-The Puig de Galatzó from the top of Coma d'en Vidal, from where is possible to climb S'Esclop-


- View of the coast direction north-



Summer 2011: New alternative section (A) of GR 221 between S'Arracó and Coll de sa Gramola

It is now possible to start the GR in S'Arracó but the classical path from Sant Elm to La Trapa and Coll de sa Gramola is more beautiful. From this place, the future GR to Estellencs isn't signposted


- S''Arracó - Going up to ses Rotes de s'Hereu-


- Puig Moltó and Puig des Campàs from ses Rotes de s'Hereu-


- Sign inl Coll de sa Gramola-


June 2010: There is a new alternative section D between Castell d'Alaró and the mountain hut Tossals Verds

In 2010, the restoration of the mountain hut of Castell d'Alaró had been completed. It needed a connection with the GR 221. The owner of one of the most important manor houses of Mallorca: Solleric, didn't allow the right of access. The municipality of Alaró brought the case to the justice and, after three years, the footpath was opened. It has been cleared, signposted and the stone pavement has been restored.

- Signpost on the road Alaró- Orient with the Castell d'Alaró behind-


- For safety, a footpath has been built near the road-


- New restored cobblestoned footpath-


- Work in progress-


- Manor house Solleric-


- Olive groves in Solleric-


- Signpost in the pass Coll de sa Corona with the Puig des Tossals Verds behind-



June 2010: the new footpath between Peguera and Es Capdellà is ready


→ At the moment, the best place to start the GR 221 is in Peguera. The new trail goes near the scenic road to Es Capdellà. It is well designed and allows a pleasant walk. It has been financed by the municipality of Calvià.

- From Es Capdellà, it's possible to hike to the finca pública de Galatzó and, from here, to Estellencs and the GR 221.